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So if I'm a liar and you're a thief
At least we know where the other one sleeps...
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26th-Sep-2011 08:36 pm - fic
warnings: BDSM

It was dark, not as though either of them didn't want the light, or flinched away from the very idea of seeing each other, themselves within it. They were over that. No, the darkness brought with it its own form of pleasure, eyes heightened with sensitivity, the faint flickering of a candle, the only light source, throwing off red hues over tanned, and pale skin alike. It was an unspoken agreement that this was in the dark, that she had been drawn into that room, knowing where she was going and what she was doing.

A part of her, the part she could not still, and feared never could, murmured how wrong this was, how she should not be acting like this. She shifted for a moment, that brief glimpse of fear but his back was turned and he missed it, thankfully. She saw then the tense muscles over his back, his neck and knew he too was worried, and for her. Always was, always would be. Her fear dissipated like it had never been and slowly she lowered herself to the ground, to her knees, feeling the carpet dig into her sensitive skin like fire.

Her head was down, she had done something wrong earlier, she knew tonight would be different. She shivered, there was still fear, yes, but there was pleasure coursing through her, pleasure he had helped awaken in her, made her realize was there.

Silence. She was in trouble. Good.

He turns around, still wearing those pants. God she hates those pants, only because one leg is just slightly off color, and it's something she would notice, but no one else would. She wanted them off of him, it wasn't proper, wasn't right but she remained where she was, kneeling, head bent and waiting.

Fingers curled through her hair making her murmur in surprise before he she clasped her lips closed. This, this was one thing he knew not to do, and would never do. Gag her. She quiets herself when she can, makes the noises he loves so much and its fair.

Slowly those fingers tighten in her hair tugging just right to yank her head back and she's looking up at him finally, a faint smile on her face. She cant help it, she's not a slave after all, and he enjoys the wild streak in her. She can see it, the way he reacts, that lick of his lips.

“Do you know what you did?” He hisses, voice low, a growl as he drags her up by her hair. He's careful to keep his fingers as close to the scalp as possible, not to rip it, and she reacts a bit slower just to feel the proper amount of pain that verges on pleasure as she stands, nude, bathed in the fire light.

“No, Master I do not.” She murmurs and stares at him. She does a lot of thing, why should she remember a particular one?

“You looked at her, or did you think I wouldn't notice?” The voice is like liquid fire down her neck as he whispers it against her ear, drawing the edge of his tongue along the conclave curve. She whimpers wants to move closer but he holds her, hands bruising into her upper arms and it feels wonderful.

“Who?” She was actually baffled, remembered no one she had stared at, they had barely gone outside after all.

“That woman, at the restaurant.” Those were all the words she needs. She knows right away who he means. She wants to object, that part of her that still thinks how wrong this is, how she's regressing and will wake up one day and hate herself. She wont though. She remembers the woman perfectly. She had that shade of hair that you couldn't call blonde, it was platinum, those eyes that you couldn't call blue either. She had looked twice, and the second time they almost had seemed green. She was to pretty to be real, and those hips...

“I'm sorry Master.” She offers, lifting her chin up stubbornly.

He see's the signs and before she can ready herself shes on the bed, thrown in a way to land on her stomach, the contact knocking the air out of her. She cant move, isn't sure she wants to. The sheets drag at her as she stares down at the fabric. Red, so much red-

The bend sinks as he moves behind her, she shivers and realizes those pants are off, when had he done that, she hadn't heard a thing! She wonders if she was thrown to hard for a moment, but those thoughts go away the moment that warmth is pressed against her. Body flushed against body, a dance move as old as time. He melds them together one arm going around her chest holding her painfully tight against him, the other goes to her head dragging it harshly back. She stills, she knows her parts in this, wants it, feels herself tighten and warmth with the need.

Teeth sink into her, where neck meets shoulder joint. She cant move, its this that always makes everything else better, clears her mind, fills it with just thoughts of -him- as she feels the faint sting and realizes, as warmth drips down her neck that he drew blood. She shudders head hanging, hair covering her face like a veil as he releases her scalp molding his hand down her back, curving it over her spine to her ass.

“Who do you belong to?” He murmurs, voice dangerously quiet and she feels the sting of cold against her, the heaviness of steel and smiles softly. The collar was custom made, she loves it, takes the time to lift one shaking hand to touch it for a moment before she responds.

“You.” She doesn't have to say more. He smiles curving his hand down her side, this time digging nails into her flesh and the sting is beautiful, the sting brings with it a coldness that always follows cuts like these. She cant help it. She leans back her head and moans feeling the cold steel of the collar bite into her neck, she doesn't care.

“I haven't marked you in a long time.” He murmurs. It's not a question, merely a comment so she remains where she is, on all fours, head down as she tries to catch her breath. The air in the room is chill, though when finger tips dance over her chest its not the air that makes her nipples hard, or the chill that makes her whimper when he tweaks both of them, hard enough to bruise.

She wonders where it will be. Of course her neck will be hard enough to explain, but she owns turtlenecks, and why is she thinking about clothing at a time like this. She's spread on her bed, waiting, begging silently for his attention, open and wanting and he's just sitting there watching her with a grin on his face.

She shifts to move. If he won't make the first move, she will, she could care less if she gets punished again. She catches him by surprise as she straddles his waist, smirks at him and manages to get a kiss, catching his lip and biting through it, tasting the sweet salty tang of his blood, before she's back on the bed hands held over her head and a glare on her love Master's face.

“I didn't say you could move!” He murmurs, grip tightening just on the brink of too painful. He slides one leg between her own and she quivers with needs but he's teasing, that's all this will be tonight. He'll caress her and hurt her, and claim her, she will be his. She wants this, she wants the feeling as he touches her, looks at her, loves her. She wants the feeling of knowing that only he can touch her anymore, that its him that she'll wake up to, curled around. She wants to feel the sting of his nails, or the occasional knife, when she talked him into it. She loved him after all.

Tomorrow would be a different story though, tomorrow he wouldn't be the Master, she was going to make sure of that.
11th-Jan-2011 09:50 pm - AU fic: Zoo of friendship part one
"Ruberik...er...Sir...?" There was a twitch, fingers fiddling on something and the man turned around to see a sight he hadn't thought he'd see in awhile. Oh, the vampire didn't bother him all that much, the fact that he was in his office at night? Didn't bother him, he didn't get off his shift for another hour or two anyway.

But damn. The vampire must have been an albino before his change, and how he got into his hospital looking like that, covered in dark clothing, a hood, he stunk of master and yet he had the twitchy uncaring movements of a lesser vampire.

"You don't look ill." he joked, softly wondering why a vampire was searching him out.

The vampire frowned. "I have an issue, I was told to come to you." He offered.

Ruberik arched an eyebrow, waiting.

"My uh..f-friend, was taken, by one of your weres. He was a were himself.." He spoke quietly as though someone might over hear, even though his office door was closed.

"Were's tend to visit weres.." Ruberik offered, on guard.

"Yes well..this one took him, in the dead of night a bat.."

Ruberik sighed. "Fenadi." He shook his head rubbing a hand through his hair. "I'll deal with it, and I might be nice and not even ask you what you're doing with a were-.." He stopped turned back to look at the vampire.

"Deer..white tailed deer."

Ruberik tried not to laugh in his face. "I'll take care of it."


At least it was clean, freakishly so that much could be said for this little "Zoo of friendship", as the bat had called it. So far it was just him and the newest arrival, a deer by the frightened look in his eye. More prey animal. Vieyel sighed flicking him a disgusted look.

"Stop shivering." He barked his wolf like eyes narrowing in disgust at what he saw.

Dessorn turned his head towards him, they were in what could have been called quite a nice apartment suite, well furnished, far to clean, stank of lysol and other cleaning products, had there not been bars on the windows and the door was locked.

"I was kidnapped, you know against my will?" Sarcasm dripped through the quiet voice and Vieyel snorted on his laughter. "Yes, as was I." He murmured accent thick giving him a look. "What of it?'

"You mean you don't care?"

"Why should I care? I am not a were, not as you understand it, It was this or jail and I must say I do like this better then your..jails." he purred. "especially when they realize what I am. I would be eaten there."

"They don't allow that sort of behavior in jails.." Dessorn offered, frowned and twitched, eyes wider in the dim light. Vieyel was not a predator but even he was starting to get hungry.

"Yes, I am quite aware of that you know." He drawled tipped his fedora to the young were, took a sniff. Deer? Had to be. "But as I said, I am not a were as you would take it."

"Then what-"

The door opened just then and their still bat host came walking awkwardly in. He stood quite tall hunched over, wings tucked against himself though he tried balancing a tray of food and treats.

"He's cursed." Fenadi piped up around his muzzle giving Vieyel a fang toothed grin as he set the tray carefully down. Hunkering before Dessorn the bat poked the deer on the nose. He frowned when his hand was swatted away.

"That's no fun I'm not going to hurt you, you know." He sounded so distraught.

Dessorn looked about ready to pass out. Vieyel sighed took a cup of tea and sipped it. He'd give the crazy bat one thing, he made damn good tea.

"Don't touch me I don't like to be touched." He hissed.

"Oooh, a deer who does not like touch, how unique." The not-were drawled snickering into his cup.

Fenadi cast him a look. "Be nice to our guest Vieyel."

The man only simpered at him. "I smell something Fenadi, you should be able to smell it before I do." He pointed out, still quietly sipping his tea.

Fenadi swept his ears back nostrils flaring and looked quite crestfallen. "Uh oh..not him." With a sigh he left closing the door behind him.

"What did he mean, you're cursed?" Dessorn asked, frowning at the door.

"Just what it sounds like. Where I come from it happens, this is a family curse. Each boy child is born with the ability to turn into a swan, half form or full form." He shrugged. "Unlike you were's, I was not bitten nor did I get it through a bad case of the vaccination."

There was a glint of interest in Dessorn's eyes even if he kept twitching. "A..swan?"

"Yes, and if you laugh I will put proof to the myth."


"That I could break your legs with my neck now eat, company will be down here in a few moments as you say. And this company smells big." He smirked lounging as though he owned the apartment.

Dessorn shivered, didn't touch the food and just hit as far away as he could get from the odd swan-thing.

10th-Jan-2011 04:43 pm - AU fic
"Is there a point in us even being here?" Veltarek drawled his accent clipping his words a bit as he turned to eye the shorter darker vampire next to him with something that far surpassed hero worship.

Taxiro turned and the grin that spread over his face was past being psychotic at this point.

"Let's call it..proving a point." He murmured softly his double fangs flashing a bit.

"All because he did your girlfriend?" Veltarek asked, a frown spreading over his face.

Taxiro shook his head tisking a bit as other darker forms began to line up beside and behind him and then eyed the house before him. "No. It's proving something. You do not fuck with my stuff, I will not fuck with yours."

"I smell alphas in there." Chasamir, as always seemed to just solidify out of no where beside them both, neither of them jumped quite used to the young vampires ability.

"Yes, the polar bear I'm aware of-"

"No, not him. There is another."

Taxiro frowned before he dismissed it. "Two alphas or one, there is enough of us to take care of this, lets go and ruin the party shall we?" He laughed as he lead his little flock of vampires up the steps.

"Lets wish them a happy new year shall we?"

Ruberik.." He turned when he heard his voice and blanched at who he saw coming through his back door.

The words 'you're late' sort of froze on his lips and it was Reison who responded to what he said. "Now that is fucked up." He offered in a bland, some what interested tone, having just repaired the damage the fist had done to Kilmir's face, not that it wouldn't have healed on its on.

Tjiorinde closed the door behind him, following him on a thick metal chain leash was a man that stood near a foot taller then him, a silver collar at his throat and a glare on his craggy face. And every were in the room could smell vampire.

"Tji, what the fuck are you doing bringing a vampire here?" He hissed, and the lesser weres withdrew a bit eyes widening.

Tjiorinde just gave his normal stony expression. "Don't worry he's...tame enough." And there was a faint smirk there as he spoke.

The vampire behind him snorted but didn't seem at all bothered to be surrounded by a bunch of were-animals.

"He better be or I'll kill him myself." Ruberik warned eyes flashing.

Tijorinde turned his head to him, inclining it a bit in submission. "Yes Alpha, but do remember, your fur's just white, mine's black." He pointed out before tugging his 'pet' into a corner and quietly explaining 'rules' to him.

Reison sighed sprawled out on the couch eyes flickering over everyone. "They are near your door." He offered with a look of bland interest.

"I thought you were 'just a human." Ruberik snorted, arching an eyebrow.

"I am, I'm here for the party and to clean up the mess. But they are near your door." He waved a hand at it, shoo, the motion said.

"Unless they start it no one fights, and make sure no one gets in the back rooms." Ruberik barked out pointing to the hallway where Meribo stood watch over Merigan and Taj. He doubt a were-house cat could do much but if it got to that point..well best not to think about it.

"Everyone, fur up." He smirked and the sickening sound of bones crunching rearranging and fur forming erupted in his room. He stayed human, for now surrounded by a mix of wolves, a maned one(at least Z had the grace to put his tail between his stupid legs), a bat, a swan and even a rabbit who looked about ready to bounce out of the room at any given moment.

"Do try to protect him." He sighed waving a hand at Piyr who looked offended. "I dont need protection these legs of mine, they can break stone!" He chirped.

Fenadi turned his bat like head around to blink large eyes at him. "I'll protect you...for ever." He told the rabbit with a bat grin flicking his ears back.

Ruberik sighed, Piyr could take care of himself and Tjiorinde seemed to shift over to him his grizzly face carefully keeping watch on both his vampire and the were rabbit. It wasn't that they didn't trust their own people but Fenadi had the bad habit of 'borrowing' smaller, weaker weres and bringing them to his house and not freeing them for awhile. They were still trying to get Dessorn to realize that he was okay, that the poor white tailed deer were had been in no harm what so ever. They were pretty sure he didn't believe any of them.

He went to the door as though nothing was the matter, as though a dozen vampires didn't wait outside for him, and his people. When he opened it he smiled at the shorter, darker man before him and raised an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?" He grumbled out, polite enough. Sort of.

Taxiro turned his head to the side staring up at the still human polar bear with what looked like great interest. "My people will leave if you give us the one called...Z. Ah there he is." He all but purred out as the tall, lanky, awkward reddish furred manned werewolf came to stand behind his Alpha a growl escaping him.

Ruberik held up a hand, the noise stopped almost immediately.

"You have great power over your ..well I wouldn't call it a pack. What would you call it?" Taxiro turned to Veltarek who snorted. "A disgusting zoo?" He offered and smirked at the offended range of noises from inside.

"Tisk, you're being cruel. Lets try this again. Give me Z and we will leave you alpha." He smiled swetely.

Ruberik seemed to think about it purple eyes flickering to the manned wolf behind him. Z for a moment looked entirely terrified. He..wouldn't would he?

"And what would you do to him if I gave him to you?" He asked quietly.

Taxiro shrugged flicked off an invisible dust mite on his shirt. "Nothing much. Drain him dry, punishment. The laws of the city you understand." He shrugged sadly as though there was nothing he could do about it.

Ruberik lifted a hand to rub at his temples and in the dark of the hallway vampire eyes caught a glint of something crawling on the ceiling, the faint sound of claws clicking.

"I don't think so. I sort of like him. Even if he is an asshole."

"Gee, thanks boss." Z muttered around his muzzle.

"I see...I see. Well then there is no other way I suppose." Taxiro grinned then, and all hell exploded.
5th-Dec-2010 09:10 pm - Fan-fic fill
Since an incident happened this is being hosted here for the prompter
Part 1-5
Fandom: A-team
link hereCollapse )
7th-Nov-2010 05:16 pm - Concerning Kyseer Chronicles
I need to find someone with editing skills, though I suppose first off I need to figure out how I will pay them :( my trial of Scrivener is running out soon, but I'm hoping before it does I'll have the first few chapters up on fictionpress or here.
27th-Oct-2010 10:36 pm - Updated Price List
Prices are negotiable to an extent. Things like detailed armor, tattoo, wings will add to the price. Go here for examples of work: X
Paypal InformationAzreal_Morningstar@hotmail.com
Contact Information Please send all requests with references/descriptions to mcauley_natasha@hotmail.com titled Commission.
Possible QueueWait time is anywhere from a day to a week and a half. If there is a deadline tell me.
Other Payment is requested after you okay the sketch before it gets inked. Avatars, chibis require payment first changes are made easily on these.

Avatars/Chibis(Super Deformed)</i>
Avatars(300, 150, 100 pixels)5$
Chibi(300 pixels, basic armor)4$

<tr><td width="150">Chibi additions(mounts, pets), </td><td width="300">2$ per</td></tr></table>

Digital Work
Single Character bust7$
Single Character Waist upward10$

Detailed or otherwise
Single Character bust15$
Single Character Waist upward20$

Thigh upward. Includes armor, no background no lineart. textured work
Single Character$50, less for no armor

Stuff I missed
Additional Character(includes pets)5$
Backgrounds(Pref not to)10$
What I wont draw:
Hardcore vore, hardcore porn gay or straight(softcore is fine), cub/shota porn but innocent is fine, any fetish that you don't run by me first and isn't basic things like bondage and S&M. Undead things from the waist down. Rape.

Possible Prints:
Looking into the possibility of talking/applying for a print website once I get  a few more original works. As well as the possibility of perhaps a small business. Must talk to this person more on this.. 

Commission Queue:
Commissions are still open but the wait is around 3-5 days for the completed piece. Possibly more depending on health issues.
15th-Jun-2010 02:04 pm - Paypal information
Paypal funds can be sent to azreal_morningstar@Hotmail.com
12th-Jun-2010 10:46 pm - Digital Work Examples
All digital work can be viewed here. FurAffinity is the Main Account.
Deviantart Account(Safe for work)||||FurAffinity(SFW/NSFW)||||Y!Gallery(NSFW)

Some Examples. Please visit above links for more

12th-Jun-2010 03:42 pm - testtest

: The Weyr: The History :

:What we are:
And there's a lake
And at the bottom you'll find all our friends
They don't swim cause they're all dead
We never are what we intend or invent

Cause I make little lies and then I pull them apart
Think something dark's living down in my heart
And if I wanted to die before I got old
I should've started some years ago digging that hole

Well I carry this box to the proper place
And when I lower it down
I let it you fade away
I hope that you would do this for me
I'd serve you drugs on a silver plate
If I thought it would help you get away
I hope that you would do this for me

A deer that a hunter shot in the heart
Some dogs that got hit by cars
All came to spill their guts
And we spoke
About the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
And which songs we had loved the most
And then we all turned to dirt
And dust
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